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About SIGIT Automation

Created in 2004, SIGIT Automation is a North American Controls and Automation company serving the Petroleum and Energy Industry. SIGIT provides a complete range of electrical, instrumentation, automation and regulatory services. SIGIT’s offering includes design and drafting, engineering, programming, technical and feasibility studies as well as project management and field audits. The major benefit that SIGIT offers to its clients is the ability to deliver all services from completion through to construction and maintenance. Vendor-neutral, SIGIT offers fit-for-purpose solutions developed in partnership with its customers, ensuring their needs are met. SIGIT provides automation, instrumentation, control and electrical services in a wide variety of industries. Sigit is located in the central hub of Calgary to be optimally positioned to meet any challenges that arise. Our team at SIGIT has some of the most skilled and versatile people in our industry. We have strong vendor relationships, which allow us to provide world class solutions for all of the unique challenges facing our clients. We serve companies with greatly different focuses: from oil and gas, to municipal water and waste water, to manufacturing and mining. Despite the different industry focuses, they all share the exact same need: reliable control systems with low cost of ownership and increased productivity.

Main service provided

Enhanced Oil Recovery Natural Gas Plants Well Optimization

What else...?
  • Electrical services
  • Industrial automation
  • Manufacturing Facilities

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