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50% Off "In-stock" Mattresses - Limited quantities. Sleep restores us. Research shows that those who sleep fewer than six hours a night don’t live as long as those who sleep seven hours or more. More importantly, the quality of the sleep you get depends on the quality of your mattress. The Future Mattress Shop in Napanee has a line of high-quality mattresses and pillows specifically designed to make sleeping more comfortable. The products not only reduce aches and pains but also alleviate allergy symptoms. Memory Foam was initially designed for NASA and was developed by Swedish scientists looking for a mattress that offered support while being gentle enough to accommodate burn patients. If you push down on a piece of foam, it eventually reaches a point where it “pushes back up”. That happens with regular foam and coil spring mattresses, creating “pressure spikes”. Memory Foam differs in that it doesn’t compress in the classic sense. It displaces to accommodate the load – and every curve in your body. Weight is so effectively distributed over the body contact area that pressure is reduced to therapeutic levels. This dramatically reduces typical aches and pains. More and more people who’ve purchased the Lifestyle Mattress have been recommending them to family and friends, sales through referrals continue to rise. "We charge about $1,000 less than comparable products.”

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